About Us

Here in TÁO Singapore, we focus mainly on the quality of our products. We work carefully with a different brands that stand out in their quality, craftsmanship, safety-standard & history of the brand.

We firmly believe that there's something suitable for everyone here in TÁO Singapore. We strongly thinks that having a set of beautiful tableware plays a big & important role in the dining experience of a person, and it accentuates one's gastronomic experience!

Every piece being sold here is symbolic of our dedication to give your home, restaurant or cafe something unique & a sense of warmth while dining. We are committed to give you a pleasant shopping experience online & we are always happy to help you with your needs, requirements & concerns.

Lastly, we are determined to serve you to our upmost ability, and we ensured that all our products sold are safe for food-consumption, safe for microwave-oven & dishwasher.

We are the distributor of Minh Long I Fine Porcelain in Singapore, and we have also released our very own in-house brand, TÁO Choice.

TAO Singapore - Minh Long I Logo

Minh Long I was established since 1970, it's the National Brand of Vietnam. Their years of experience in ceramic industry, combining with modern, state-of-the-art machinery and production lines that were imported from Germany and Japan. Their products promises superior quality and designs that definitely meet the needs of everyone.

Minh Long I's products are lead-free and cadmium-free, which is appropriate for food consumption, they are also certified safe for use in microwaves, ovens, air fryers and dishwashers.

The new and revolutionary painting and extreme heating technologies (to produce dining sets fired at 1,380°C with German technology) help give Minh Long I's products their natural and true beauty vitreous and scintillating on all sides. It's beautifully-decorated designs are suitable for everyone, and are covered by a protective coat that provides scratch resistance.

Minh Long I's export market includes Japan, USA and several countries in the world such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.

TÁO (陶)

Pottery is the process of forming vessels and other objects with clay and other ceramic materials, which are fired to give them a hard and durable form.

Our logo feature three boxes overlaying one another, which depicts the three most-important steps on producing a porcelain, where each step is important, and must be done carefully with precision.

- The first step is FORMING, where the clay will be placed on a pottery wheel to make the shape out.

- Second step will be GLAZING, where the porcelain will be given a tougher surface and to maintain the colours & designs.

- Last step will be FIRING, where the porcelain will be heated at high-temperature, so that the product will be non-porous.

TÁO Singapore carries the relevant NEA license for importation & sales of tableware products. All products sold are made safe for food use. Not everything that is sold online is from the same source (even when they may look the same).