What's The Difference Between Fine Porcelain & Bone China?

What's The Difference Between Fine Porcelain & Bone China?

Ever wondered why is Fine Porcelain tableware commonly more expensive as compared to Bone China products?

We’ve come up with an infographic to help you better understand the differences!

 TAO Singapore Blog: Porcelain vs Bone China

Thus, choose TAO Singapore x Minh Long's Porcelain-ware. Here are some reasons for choosing our products: 

  • Advanced technology from Germany and imported materials are made use throughout production phases.
  • Products are all fired at an extreme temperature (above 1380°C), therefore, they acquire firm structure that is chip-resistant, hard to crack and lasts a lifetime.
  • Porcelain surface is always shiny and delicately glazed.
  • Creative decorations are designed in an exquisite, vivid and artful style which expresses unique Vietnamese craftsmanship.

Despite Minh Long I being a renowned porcelain brand name awarded with national and international credits as well as gifted to heads of state around the world, it also offers a variety of products for every budget and demand.

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