TAO Singapore: Annam Bird Teapot Collection

Annam Bird (Teapot Bundle Set)

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  • 2-Person Teapot Bundle Set consists of - 1 x Teapot, 2 x Tea Cups, 2 x Tea Cup Saucers (14cm).

  • 4-Person Teapot Bundle Set consists of - 1 x Teapot, 4 x Tea Cups, 4 x Tea Cup Saucers (14cm).

  • 6-Person Teapot Bundle Set consists of - 1 x Teapot, 6 x Tea Cups, 6 x Tea Cup Saucers (14cm).

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*Would like to customize your own bundle set? Simply send us a message (via FB Chat/Email) and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Each Bundle Set comes with FREE local shipping.