What is Lead & Cadmium-Contaminated Porcelain?

What is Lead & Cadmium-Contaminated Porcelain? What is the Effect the Contamination has on our Health?

There is a little known secret: in order to ensure aesthetic and technical requirements, a number of manufacturers with low-tech machinery have made use of metal-based ingredients, especially cadmium and lead to name a few, in their production. This definitely results in negative effects on users’ health.

Lead: Initial symptoms of lead poisoning includes intense excitement and insomnia, then come critical fatigue, depression and constipation. Later symptoms are the nervous system’s dysfunction and cephalic damage.

Cadmium: Fatal. Even a small amount can kill. Earliest failure can be found in the kidney, nerves, sexual organ and lung. Furthermore, cadmium can cause cancer.

TAO Singapore x Minh Long I’s products are Lead and Cadmium Free. They are made with German latest technology. Finished products are regularly inspected and have their materials registered with local authorities. Our products undergo strict testing and fulfil the European ISO 9001:2015 standard. Customers can always rely on our product quality. It is safe to use. 

Adapted from: https://minhlong.com/